Individuals requesting admission to Westside Habilitation Center should be registered and certified with OCDD through their Single Point of Entry Program. 


Individuals interested in placement are requested to submit referral information to Westside Habilitation Center.  All referral information is reviewed by a committee.  Each person will be assessed by members of our staff to determine a mutual goodness of fit with the individual and living arrangement.



            Additional criteria for placement at Westside Habilitation Center include:


  • Individual does not use a medical care plan.

  • Individual is in need of structured environment, where behavioral programming will be beneficial.

  • Individual is eligible for services of the Title XIX program of the 1935/1965 Social Security Act.

  • Referral packages may be submitted through U.S. Postal Mail:


Post Office Box 7917  Alexandria, LA 71306-0917


or faxed to our facility: