A Special Place Serving Special People

Westside Habilitation Center, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation licensed by the State of Louisiana and managed by Rapides Management Corporation.  We are licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD).  Westside is funded through participation in the Medicaid program.  Since the first client was admitted in May of 1983, our programs have evolved in response to client needs and increasing knowledge within the field of developmental disabilities.  

Our Mission

Westside Habilitation Center, Inc. maintains an aggressive and consistent effort directed toward addressing the special needs of developmentally disabled citizens who experience challenging behavior.  Our mission is to provide comprehensive care and individualized training which will facilitate maximum development of developmentally disabled persons.  We are committed to providing a full array of services, developed according to each person's individual needs. 


Our programs begin with a total assessment of each person to determine their needs and the expectations they desire.  The process involves securing professional assessments including: medical, psychiatric, dental, psychological, social, speech therapy, audiology, physical therapy, dietary, occupational therapy, behavioral, academic, and adaptive functioning.  Based on these assessments, an integrated plan of care and training with behaviorally stated goals and objectives is developed.  All staff contribute to the over-all care and treatment as designated in the plan of care.  We constantly monitor individuals' responses to their plan of care and thus make timely alterations to insure their opportunity to achieve maximum progress.


As an individual achieves goals and objectives in their plan of care, Westside actively assists them in progressing into environments which offer more freedoms and less structure.  We are committed to assisting individuals in achieving progressive steps in their plan of care which lead to their successful functioning in the least restricted, appropriate environment with the overall goal being independence.  Our staff are trained to emphasize individualization and assertively protect human rights.




Andrew Psillias, NFA



Associate Administrator

Ruby Crawford, B.S., QMRP